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Why THE Intervison Method?

Why the intervison method?

Why the intervision method? It helps gaining insights, gathering knowledge, achieving goals. As a professional we all want that.

Recently I did the process guidance of an intervision workshop for the #ArtEZ masters Sound of Innovation in Enschede. Now I more often supervise workshops for professionals, but mainly because of the spontaneous positive reaction of the students I had the idea to share my network what this method can bring.

During the evaluation I got back from the students that because they went through the same route in their semester, they questioned each other even more deeply on topics plus there was an open, safe and intimate atmosphere. Questions asked really came in, so that the questions were looked at with a different perspective. The advice from each member was seen as valuable.

What is intervision?

#Intervision is a structured method. You learn, together with colleagues, how to handle situations, questions and problems that arise in working practices. And is led by a facilitator.

If the participants have good communication skills in e.g. active listening and asking neutral open questions, you can use a method to conduct an session within 1 hour. If a group is  unfamiliar with intervision, a facilitator is recommended.

The Intervision method in 5 steps.

Intervision in 5 steps (60 minutes)

Download PDF Intervision in 5 steps.

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